About Us


Our goal is to offer quality products and services, meeting the ever-increasing demands of customers.This idea has shaped our development and our plans for the future. We strive to continually improve the relationship with our customers and suppliers through efficient process management. Over the years, one of our priorities has been building an open relationship with all our team members, based on mutual trust and continuous improvement of their qualification.

The company's activities are divided mainly into:


- design, delivery, installation and maintenance of refrigeration, HVAC and ULO / CA systems


- compressors, condensing units, heat exchangers, components for installations and other items

Products and Services

• Refrigeration installations and systems for maintaining relative humidity

• Air conditioning, ventilation, heating, domestic hot water

• Controlled atmosphere systems

• Project management

• Design and engineering

• Comissioning and analysis

• Sales and distribution

Service and maintenance

Office and production areas

• 370 m2 - administration and engineering

• 600 m2 - production and warehouse


• Service vans type "mobile workshop"

• Tools for installation and service of refrigeration and HVAC systems - Rothenberger, Refco, CPS

• Hand tools - Hilti, Bosch, Makita

• Pipe tools - Rothenberger, Rems

• Measuring instruments - Testo, Refco

Member of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Mechanical Engineering

Member of the Chamber of Installers

Member of the Chamber of Builders